Universiteti Politeknik, Fakulteti i Inxhinierisë Mekanike, Sheshi “Nënë Tereza”, 1, Tiranë, Shqipëri.

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Albanian Mechanical Engineering Association

The Albanian Mechanical Engineering  Association plays a pivotal role in the progress and development of mechanical engineering, Technology, Innovation and applied sciences  in Albania.


Welcome to AMEA

 AMEA where innovation meets excellence!

 We’re thrilled to have you join our team of forward-thinking professionals dedicated to research and development. Together, we’ll push the boundaries of knowledge, create cutting-edge solutions, and make a lasting impact in our industry.


Scientific Journal

AMEA offers publishing mediums where researchers and professionals can share their scientific findings, innovations, and insights with a wider audiences. AMEA is supporting Journal of Integrated Engineering and Applied Sciences


AMEA organizes conferences that bring together experts, researchers, and professionals from diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas, present their research findings, and engage in meaningful discussions.


conducts workshops aimed at fostering learning, skill development, and knowledge sharing within specific domains. These workshops provide participants with hands-on experience, practical training, and valuable insights

Research Collaboration

AMEA facilitates research collaboration among individuals and institutions by connecting researchers with similar interests or complementary expertise. Through our research and development department, AMEA encourages collaborative projects